Why the blogging hiatus?

After a seven-month hiatus from blogging…

I looked at the last post I made, and it’s easy to see why I fell off the blogwagon.  In mid-May 2013 I had lost about 70 pounds in five months.  The change in eating habits and overall lifestyle had dominated the first five months of the year.

Shortly after my last blog, I settled in to a comfortable eating program, letting go of some of the restrictions, and allowing myself to enjoy a few beers at baseball games and some occasional junk food.  Until the first of November I had only gained back about ten pounds, and I was still feeling very healthy and alive.  Quite consciously, I allowed my restrictions to relax further in order to enjoy the countless family gatherings and treats of the holiday season.

Ten pounds later, I now have 20 pounds to lose in the coming year.  For me, this will take about a month…not too bad.

A recap of 2013 is coming soon.  The year was marked with a new love of an old game, a deepening love for my wonderful wife, a broader appreciation for the short time we have on the planet, and a new perspective on how to improve everything from my spiritual journey to my social well-being.

I’m looking forward to writing again in 2014.

(Note a change in my Twitter account: @TTxTodd)


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