Food prep can be a regular pain in the derriere when the kitchen is in shambles.  Things like misplaced pots and pans, serving bowls, and mismatched storage containers can be the demise of good intentions.  I am an expert at the demise part!  When I get focused on cooking nightly instead of eating fast unhealthy food, or going out to sodium and fat palaces (some call them restaurants!), the quickest way to curb my enthusiasm is to be disorganized.  Good cooks know this, and I believe that at least half the battle of a good, healthy diet is won when organizing is a priority.

Like many families, our cabinet space is limited.  And, like many of these same families, the limited space is made worse by being poorly managed.  I wonder if these are the same folks we see night after night at the restaurants where we dine!  Just a thought…hmmm?

I have so many trouble spots in my organization, but being back in the groove with Eat to Live, organization and advanced food prep is a necessity, not because the diet is difficult, but because the enjoyment of the healthful and disciplined eating plan is enhanced when I have the right foods and all the tools I need to cook and store food properly.

snapwareSo, last weekend I took note of the wide variety of storage container brands in my cabinet.  It looked like a multi-family yard sale in there.  When I opened the cabinet, something blue with the word Ziploc on it  would fall, and in my haste to catch it before it hit the floor, I would create other catastrophes with the remaining misfits.  It is so unnerving, and it sucked the wind out of my enthusiasm and motivation.

I got on Amazon to find what kind of deals I could get on Snapware, my favorite of the plastic containers, and I found an 18-piece set for under $25.  This would be a perfect supplement to my collection because it included only the sizes and shapes I use the most.  My package arrived today.

So, tonight, after eating dinner and washing the dishes, I pulled out most of the odds and misfits, and placed my Snapware neatly on the shelves.  I kept some of the pieces of other items that are still useful, and some of my glass jars I use for dry storage items like beans and grains, but this is a vast improvement over what it looked like a few hours ago.

Like I said, I’m no expert on kitchen organization — you ought to see my other cabinets and my pantry and my refrigerator — but, one thing at a time, right? — but, at least the battle over the plastic storage ware is being won, and for someone who prepares a lot of food at once and takes his lunch to work every day, this is a big timesaver.


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