Challenge of creating kitchen cabinet space

cabinet1The kitchen has become my domain over the years, and you can tell it by the disorganization that abounds in the lower cabinets.  I’m about 6′-2″ tall, and when I bend over to stuff things in those cabinets, I don’t pay a lot of attention to what I’m doing.  And, frankly, I didn’t give a damn much of the time because it was mostly reserved for things I only rarely used.

This is changing however!

This weekend, my goal is to reorganize these two cabinets and get rid of all the stuff I haven’t used in years.  I will probably be reminded of some of the good cookware and gadgets I need to put to use that I don’t even remember I have.  Chances are that I’ll create a lot more space by getting rid of some things and organizing the rest.

cabinet2My upper cabinets still need to be decluttered , but the problem one was resolved as shown in this post about Snapware.  One project at a time!

Creating more space on very tight budgets, both money and time, is a priority as I’m 100% committed to lifestyle change and better health.


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