Cabinet reorganization (not a political post!)

Yesterday afternoon, I completed my weekend project of creating more space in my lower cabinets.  My wife and I sorted through what we had, kept what we needed/wanted, and donated the rest to the local thrift shop, that was just about to close the doors for the day when we drove up.  DONE!

As I mentioned in my previous post, at 6′-2″ tall with a pot gut, that is, until recently when it started disappearing again, it was hard to get into those lower cabinets, and they had gone to hell, as you can see here:


So with no fear in our hearts, we tackled the project very simply and sanely.  Nothing was thrown, and no curse words escaped from our mouths.  We acted like reasonable adults!  Even the sentimental pieces, like the yellow serving bowl that used to belong to my wife’s mother, and the orange tupperware we got as a wedding gift, were easily worked into the new arrangement.

We threw away several things, donated our coffee maker, a George Foreman grill, and some of our large plastic ware that we no longer use.  When I make coffee for guests, I use a French press, so we haven’t used the drip coffeemaker in a very long time.  We also moved our large crock pot from a shelf in the top of my closet, because, hey, now there’s plenty of space!

Now, everything has a place!  And, if something new comes in, something old will have to go out!  Here are the improved organization photos:


It has been a long time since we had done this kind of survey, and we have several more spaces to go before we’re finished.  The pantry may be the next thing to be repurposed.  We may actually start keeping food in there instead of old sacks of stuff we haven’t opened in years, and old appliances that no longer work or have been upgraded.  Why do we keep all this crap?  Good intentions, I suppose.


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