Nutri Ninja 1000w blender

My old blender went kaput last night, so I was in the market for a new one, quickly.  I’d been researching for awhile, because the old blender was showing early warning signs of a terminal condition (smelling funky, weird grinding noises in the motor), and last night, oil spots were left on my counter top after I used it.

I didn’t want to go into the high-price range of several hundred dollars, because: one, I can’t possibly afford it, and, two, it’s overkill for what I need it to do.  A food processor is in my near future, so I really just needed this new blender to, well…blend all the fibrous stuff I put in it without bleeding on my counter top.

Nutri NinjaSo, I went mid-range on price, at around $140 at Costco, and got this Nutri Ninja 1000 watt blender with a couple of 24 oz cups, a pitcher, and a stainless steel cup that keeps drinks cold for up to 4 hrs.  It has four smart settings, featuring the Ninja “Auto-IQ” technology, mixing in blend/pulse modes for up to 70 seconds.

By pronouncing two of my old blenders dead, I got rid of them and made room for the new one, and it takes up a lot less space than either of the previous ones did.

To try it out, I made my wife a blueberry-peach smoothie for her afternoon snack, and it worked great with the four ices cubes I put in with the fruit.  Now that she’s convinced it’s a great thing to have, I’m just glad they included two cups in the package!


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