Cooking without oils

One of the healthiest “mini-conversions” people can make to rid their diets of excess calories, while honing in on super nutrition, is to learn how to use alternative ingredients and cooking methods that eliminate added fats and salt.

This is one of the most important components of the Eat To Live plan that I have been following religiously.  It’s not simply a weight-loss thing, like some people suppose.  It also helps to keep cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes (Type 2), and many other chronic disease in check.

zuchtopWhile there are so-called “healthy fats” that are essential to the body, most of these are easily attained through rich natural sources such as nuts and seeds.  Even with this knowledge, however, it is difficult for people to realize that cooking can be accomplished without the use of added oils, even the “healthy” ones.

So, relearning cooking methods and using alternative ingredients are essential if one really wants to succeed in eating an optimal nutritious diet without compromising for lack of knowledge.

When I came across this post, I knew it belonged on my blog.  I have seen some good articles, and some good videos on specific techniques, but this, perhaps, is the best one yet.

Posted on Forks Over Knives, this article, by Darshana Thacker, “Expert Tips on How to Cook Without Oil”, covers most all cooking methods with alternative suggestions and ingredients.  She also discusses cookware suggestions that are helpful.

Take a look at it, and let me know what you think about it!  I’d love to hear other ideas that are not included here.

Click this link to read this great article!

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2 thoughts on “Cooking without oils

  1. i love to ferment lots of garlic and always put extra brine water over them. then when they are ready, i have a quick fix for garlic but more importantly i have a great liquid (the garlic fermented brine) i use to saute my veggies. and i couldn’t live without date paste. keep some always ready in the frig. going to try the salad dressings in the article, thanks.

    • I haven’t started doing fermentation yet, and am trying to figure out how to do it without added salt. I saw an article last week that showed how to do it by using veggies that are relatively high in natural sodium. This person was using celery. I’ve bookmarked the article so I can get back to it later. I am dying to make some sauerkraut, but I’m at the mercy of time right now. Not enough hours in the day to learn new cooking methods, new spices, etc., so I pack most of it into my weekends. Last week’s challenge was to figure out the basics of making curries, and I’ve enjoyed some wonderful food this week, but have a long way to go to get the best spice blends that suit my palate.


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