Almost ten ways to eat healthily on a budget (repost)


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Eating with health in mind does not have to break the bank!  The truth of the matter is that cutting out expensive, unhealthy restaurant meals and buying quality produce in the best places can eliminate much of the wasted costs of eating that are associated with the typical American diet.

I came across this blog post from another WordPress blogger, and thought I would share it.  It’s a great list, and it makes the point that healthful eating does not have to cost more.

To give you a taste of what she has to say, here are a couple:

  • Make your own snacks and treats – My own experience with this has saved me bundles!
  • Make a packed lunch – I calculated this a couple of years ago, and I save about $5 a day by packing a lunch instead of driving to a restaurant or fast-food joint to get something for lunch.  Plus, I use the extra time at lunch to catch up on my social media and other reading that I do.

See the entire list by clicking on the source link below.  Thanks pHreshh || HOW TO BE HEALTHY AND COOL MOSTLY for an excellent and informative post!

Source: almost ten ways to eat healthily on a budget


2 thoughts on “Almost ten ways to eat healthily on a budget (repost)

  1. I think exactly the same thing! When I went vegan a couple months ago my parents thought : o this will be expensive! But exactly the opposite happened. They realized that they were spending less money on food 😀 Great Post ❤ Love, Anna

  2. Thank you, Anna! I was surprised myself to find it to be less expensive. A lot of the costs are recovered from simply eating at home, but when accompanied by proper food storage and eating high nutrient density foods, the appetite is satisfied and the food waste is minimized. It’s a big money-saver in our house, even though I’m the only vegan. Thanks again for your comment and for reading my blog!


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