Resting the spirit in the garden

Peace roseWe must cultivate our own garden. When man was put in the garden of Eden he was put there so that he should work, which proves that man was not born to rest.— Voltaire

Nothing against rest, you understand, right?  Coming off of a three-day weekend, I can vouch for the benefits of rest.  But, there are different kinds of rest, and I hardly lack the physical kind.  Mine is the need for mental rest.

I have noticed that while working at my job, at my computer, studying technical information and engineered drawings and schematics, my mind is usually alert to every detail.  It requires concentrating all my mental resources on one focal point for several minutes, or sometimes hours, without lifting my eyes from the page.  Over the years, concentrating on such details has become less and less stressful, because I’ve become accustomed to it.  I can steal two or three minutes between drawings and projects, take a quick walk around the office, and I’m ready to go on to the next one with all my resources.

But, when weekends get here, the thing I long for most is to relax my head, and take in sunshine, good food, and the warmth of my wife and dogs, who are always willing, it seems, to accommodate.

Gardening is a special place set aside in my psyche that tires me physically and relaxes me mentally, the perfect prescription for the spiritual experience of powers beyond my understanding.  It is meditational, yet it is as physically basic as anything a person can do.

From out of nowhere, it seems, rest comes, the mind recovers, and the body comes along for the ride.

Source for Voltaire quote: 32 inspirational gardening quotes | MNN – Mother Nature Network


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