Napa cabbage

It’s been difficult to find time to post this last week.  I’m a baseball fanatic, particularly a Texas Rangers fan, and we’re in the postseason playoffs.  It hasn’t prevented me from my gardening, but it has kept me off my blog a good bit.

I’ve been experimenting with using butt cuttings from my bought organic produce to see if I can successfully get them to sprout roots before planting them in soil.  I’ve had some success with brussels sprouts and some red onions, but I especially like the way this Napa cabbage is leafing out.


I planted it in soil this morning after letting it sit in water in a sunny window sill for about 10 days.  There are about a dozen roots that have grown some length while sitting in water, so I’m optimistic about this plant taking to soil well.  I have plans in a few weeks to put this in a large container to be a part of my front yard edible plants.  The front yard has usually been reserved for ornamental plants, but I am converting much of it to edibles now.

I love the way nature needs so little work from me to make this happen.