Tribute to one of the best towns in Texas…West

villagebakeryoutsideAbout a year-and-a-half ago, I wrote an article, published on Blogcritics (click here to read the old article), about the wonderful town of West, Texas.  Known for its fantastic bakeries and Czech food, it is the best-known stopping place between Dallas and points south like Waco and Austin on I-35.

Best of all, though, is the tremendous hospitality that is such an obvious characteristic of this great community.  On my trips south out of Dallas, the highlight is always West.  On trips in which I have not been in a huge hurry, I’ve always enjoyed visiting with small business owners and hearing stories about the Czech heritage and the town’s history.  It truly is one of the great small town treasures in my beloved home state of Texas.

If any community is equipped to handle tragedy, it is West.  It’s hard to imagine that they will be drawn any closer to each other than they already are, but they will.  I am sure they are thankful for the world’s attention on them at this little snapshot in time, but if I know the community as well as I think I do, they will also be glad when they can indulge in their private grief and say their quiet good-byes to their friends and neighbors.

I have enormous respect for the people of West and the surrounding small communities like Elm Mott and Abbott.  These folks are not your Hollywood Texans, swelled up with ego and braggadocio.  They are the humble, kind, and relentlessly hospitable folks that make native Texans, like myself, so proud to live here.